Bird Park
   We have come to obtain the earth for Bird Park, which we have been keen to buy for the last few years. This earth, which is about 2,500 p'yong, is located at Chonam-dong Shihung-shi. It has been called "Chonam-ri" since old times, letter of which include a chinese character "Bird Jo(ри)". We investigated Bird Park with Sung-man Kim, president of Korean Association for Bird Protection. The result was that great spotted woodpeckers make a hole, lay and breed. Hoopoes lay and breed directly under a tiled roof, broad-billed rollers live in the nest of magpie on oak trees. In addition, We found there are nests of jaies, gray starlings, collared doves, and many giant salamanders, swallows live there. This place, which is good for birds to breed, has clear water and air.
   We finished a breast wall construction and fence work in the fall in 2000 and finished the landscape architecture whom birds flocked with planting such as pine trees, fruit trees, flower trees, eulalias until April in 2001. At long last we finished the breeding farm construction that can adapt itself to the natural environment on 20th in October 2002. We made a breeding farm after inspecting Europe, the United States, Japan and a breeding farm of an Asian each nation. It is a breeding farm to get in Korean temperature and climate more a little than the first and is proud.
   Also, a pond of nature state and water are going to make a small artificial stream to be able to stream. After the completion of Bird Park, Chonam3-dong(Ulmi Village), letters of which contains a chinese character "Bird Jo(ри)", we are planning to provide a learning place to elementary school students for free.
   We are in great expectation of the time to come as soon as possible that our children run and play around with birds in the nature and experience the happiness of the conformity with the nature. We are making our best efforts.

"Let's give our next generation the opportunity to feel the touch of nature as it is now."

Site purchase for Bird Park

Offering a sacrifice to spirits
&The first Breast wall

The second Breast wall
Fence construction
Completion of Breast wall
Completion of Breast wall&Fence Construction Bird Park Bird Model House
Birds R&D Center main breeding farm Outdoor Breeding farm Hothouse Breeding farm Bird Park Scops owl
Hatching of Common Moorhen Bird Park rough map