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Welcome to!! Ever since I was a child, I have really loved birds. The compelling power of love towards birds have made me collect various kinds of birds from here and there but due to lack of existing living species, I had to look for eggs and wait until it's hatched. Especially, I am so happy to let you know that Katsura Jabo, which is hard to find inside the country, has been successfully bred and can now be spread in sale. Also I obtained quite a many kinds of books on birds from around the world that I think would be helpful at your request. If you have any question or curiosity, please let me know. With the hope to be in touch with as many bird lovers as possible, I am planning to open 'Bird Park' at Chonam-dong, Shihung-shi. To want the support and concern of birds lovers, I will dedicate myself more in order to protect natural birds from extinction and make more places of rest for birds.

Seoul Office +82-2-2026-0660 371-28 Kasan-Dong, Keumcheon-Ku, Seoul, Korea (Woolim-Lionsvalley #C-810)
INAPET Bird R&D Center San 103, Chonam-dong, Shihung-shi, Kyonggi-do, Korea
1st breeding farm +82-32-819-8721 127B-9L, Namdong lnd. Complex, 698-8, Gojan-Dong, Namdong-Gu, Incheon, Korea.
2nd breeding farm +82-32-819-8721 144B-9L, Namdong lnd. Complex, 716-8, Gojan-Dong, Namdong-Gu, Incheon, Korea.
Representative KEH-CHEOL SHIN +82-11-789-5901,
Breeding Manager WOO-HYUN KIM +82-16-9666-7274

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The Sports Chosun newspaper (June 3, 2000) Commendation of the Minister of Environment (June 5, 2000)
The Sports Chosun newspaper (July 5, 2000) The honor of prize in regard of developing excellent capital goods (2000)
The Birds and People (2000) Visit to the park for injured birds (October, 2000)
The publication of 'The Bird of Korea' (December 11, 2000) Event of feeding winter migratory birds
Korea Ornamental Bird Society Chairman inauguration address Ceremony of KOREA ORNAMENTAL BIRD SOCIETY
The Special Livestock Magazine (January, 2000) Joining in an association related to birds with a member

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